Natalia's First Steps

When Should My Baby Walk?

Natalia's first steps with mum

Early signs: 

You probably keep wondering and asking yourself the question, when should my baby walk?  Well, during the first year your baby will start slowly to grasp the idea of coordination, his muscle will strengthen and he will start to try to roll over, sit up and pull himself up.

Once he succeed in pulling himself up it will be a matter of gaining confidence  and learning to balance himself. Each baby will manage these different stages at different times but it all happen roughly within the first year. But please don’t worry if they’re a little bit later than this. It will happen!


Wobble wobble wobble!

So they crawled, they starting to pull themselves up and now holding onto the furniture and moving around. They really deserve to be applauded. Lots of encouragement, lots of laughter and fun. the cutest thing to wait for here is the first wobble, amazing!

The first steps are mostly achieved by their first birthday and at around the fifteenth month they are wobbling unaided. Some babies will take longer and that’s perfectly normal. Try not to worry just encourage and train them. It’s the same with talking and teething and every other milestone.


Natalia's First Steps

Your baby will have the instinct and reflex for walking from birth. Everyday that goes past their muscle will strengthen and before long they start to train them by pushing onto things and kicking. Next will be trying to roll over and push against you. Try to hold them up with their feet on your thighs, and they will start to bounce straight away! Have lots of fun and now maybe a good time to get them a door bouncer but remember, babies must be supervised all the time and not to be left in the bouncer for longer than fifteen minutes at any one time. You can get a high quality one from amazon by clicking this link  The Original Jolly Jumper Baby Exerciser with Door Clamp.


Hey! Look at me walk!

Training and Encouraging:

Before using any walking aids, you’ll have a lot more fun training them yourself. A good start will be teaching them how to stand and sit, so when they grab onto something and pull themselves up, they could look at you not sure how to get down again, go to them and show them how to bend their knees and sit back down slowly instead of dropping themselves down with a thud. You can repeat this by holding their hands and get them to stand and sit down as often as it is fun encouraging them to take a few steps now and again.

When they become fairly confident, standing and sitting down you may want to introduce a walking aid there are so many different ones out there, try and look for one that have a wide-base, sturdy and doesn’t go too fast for them to keep up with. You can have a look at this one as an example:

Once again please remember not to leave your baby unattended, not even for a minute as accidents can happen very quickly when the baby is mobile.

I do not personally recommend baby walkers because there is a lot of conflicting views over them and they are even banned from sale in Canada. They can tumble over and cause a serious injury and they might increase the reach of the baby to grab what you thought was placed in a safe place. Babies who use walkers they probably would walk on their toes which could delay them walking.

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  1. all the children in my family from my sisters have had a baby walkers but you are very rigth with the comment you say about it being a high risk of accidents i remember to saw some times the babies fall down , but that was many years ago! i thing its much better to leave the baby crawl free and they will suddenly give their firts steps when they ready. i am definely will do this with my baby .

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