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When Should My Baby Crawl?

Have you ever found yourself wondering: when should my baby crawl?

It is time to become really mindful of where you put things. It is time to rearrange all things in your house that could be within the reach of the new cruising baby. It is THE time that you have been eagerly waiting for. It is time to make the whole house baby proof. This time usually will happen between 7 to 10 months old. But let us go back to an earlier time.

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Face Down Time

Before your little angel could crawl, he/she will need to strengthen their muscles to be able to balance on their hands and knees and later pull themselves up to stand and walk around holding onto furniture, to start with, then independently.

In order for you to help your baby do that, you will need to lay them on their tummies face down and spend with them 10 to 15 minutes at the time several times a day. Some babies don’t like this position, but you should persist, it is good for them as it pushes them to push their head up and push with their hands and knees against the floor. Which, in turn, strengthen their muscles preparing them for the next milestone in their development.

Salma face down tummy time

Getting up

When the right time arrives, and this is different from one baby to another, your baby will lift his body on his hands and knees. Probably will wobble, not sure what to do next and lie back down. He/she is getting there.

They will repeat the experience again and again until they hold their position and try to launch forward or sometimes backward. Now is a good time to try and help your baby get mobile.


How to help your baby crawl?                                              Helping baby Salma

By this time hopefully your baby can manage to sit up without support, this is an excellent indication that crawling or shuffling is just about to happen.

Now your baby should be around 8-9 months old and over the next two months should move from sitting position onto all fours and back. By now their muscles are good to go.

At this stage, if your baby hasn’t started to move from this position you can try and help him figure out that pushing his knees and coordinating with his hands will get him moving. As he gains confidence he will become more proficient.

Encourage your baby to get moving, you can do that by placing toys or other things, that you know it will motivate them to go mobile, place it  just outside their reach and let them try to get to them.

To crawl or not to crawl!

Please remember that every baby is different and there really isn’t any set rules.

Some babies will roll onto the floor,  some will shuffle on their bottoms,  some will scoot,  others will crawl and some will skip all of the above and just sit,  pull themselves up and away they walk.

However, if your baby reaches their first birthday and have not done any of the above, rolling on the floor, shuffling, scooting or walking. Please do discuss it with your GP and see what is the best course of action in their view.



Once your baby is mobile and cruising around the house, whether on their bottom or on all fours, the next natural thing for them is to stand up and walk. Which will increase their reach. So making the house a safe place for them is a must just before they reach this stage.

If you are unsure on how to go about making your house 100% baby proof, please click here where you will find some excellent ways of achieving that.

Please note: although I tried to be as comprehensive as possible, it is your responsibility to make sure that your house is 100% safe for your baby.


Need to know more

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