When Should Babies Talk?

Babies generally will start communicating at an early stage of their development in a subtle and many ways. Crying, smiling, turning their head, making noises and even just making an eye contact it’s all forms of communication.

When should your baby talk?

There is no clear answer to this question! I know it doesn’t sound very helpful but the good news is, we can group our babies attempts at communicating/talking and relate them to the age we expect them to be achieved.

Following, I prepared a list that will help you determine where your baby is. But please remember babies are different from one another and they hit those milestones at different ages. Ok!

3 Months old:

  • Making different cries to tell you his/her different needs.
  • Making noises.
  • Giving the occasional eye contact.

6 Months old:

  • Starting to make more distinct sounds.
  • Starts to copy your expressions.
  • Starts to imitate your sounds.

9 Months old:

  • Babble babble babble.
  • Talks with his/her body, reaches to get picked up.

12 Months old:

  • Starts to form a word or more.
  • Probably starts to mimic speech.

15 Months old:

  • Expect up to six words.
  • Starts to correlate gestures and sounds.

18 Months +:

Communication is starting to flow and your baby is responding and interacting, although not effectively but beautifully. He/she are well on their way.

If you have any questions or need more information please leave me a comment in the box below.


2 thoughts on “When Should Babies Talk?”

  1. Hi Rima, our 7 month old is a real chatter box. Just as you say, it is amazing how much can be communicated without words. We have noticed that he is starting to imitate our sounds.

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