ways to stimulate your baby

Ways To Stimulate Your Baby

Let’s have fun and play

There are so many ways to stimulate your baby through play and having lots of fun.

Nowadays, educational toys and games for babies and toddlers are so widely available. They can encourage the stimulation of your baby’s senses and really boost their development.

Play is one brilliant way for your baby to learn a lot of the basic skills whilest having lots of fun and giggles.

Let’s Play And Learn

During the first few months guess who is the best toy your baby has! ways to stimulate your babyYes, you’ve guessed it right. It is you! Staring at your face, listening to your voice and wrapping him/her self in your motherly warm smell. It’s all about the senses!

Introduce lots of objects with lots of different colours for your baby to look at, sing and hum for them to hear your voice and give them different textures to touch and feel this will get them familiar with their surroundings and introduce them to the environment all around them.

In the first few weeks, play is all about the senses and your baby
doesn’t really need any toys to play with. Later on, however, when they start to control their muscles more, play should encourage their motor-skills and hand-eye co-ordination.


I See You

After birth to about 8 weeks old Your baby’s vision will be overstimulated by all sorts of visuals and will not easily recognize the difference between two objects or follow a moving target.

However, it won’t be long before their eyes start to work in unison and their vision greatly improves.

The question is can your baby tell the difference between your face Ways to stimulate your babyand an object? The answer is yes. He/she can from about 9 weeks onwards. Your face is a source of comfort to your baby.

After the first week your little miracle will recognize bright colours  and the contrast between black and white. Another thing is watching slow moving objects, try to run your finger from one side of her vision arching it slowly in front of her eyes at about 8-10″ (roughly the distance to your face during breast feeding)  all the way to the other side.

It is so simple

Ways To Stimulate Your Baby

Just let them be. Babies love to laugh and be tickled and whats really more, they start to recognize it when something is amiss quite early in their development.

So try lets say: pointing a banana in their face whilst squinting or looking serious, they will laugh so loud you will think you were the worlds funniest comedian!ways to stimulate your baby


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  1. I agree with you that interaction between a baby and their primary caregiver is very important. From my own experience as a parent, it’s in these interactions where a child can develop confidence and begin to understand the wider world. Their experiences with a primary caregiver, provide a blueprint for their experiences in life.

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