Sex During Pregnancy

Having Sex During Pregnancy

sex during pregnancy

When a woman becomes pregnant her and her man start to worry about having sex, because of this or because of that; you can come up with an infinite amount of reasons to why not to! The good news is this:

If your pregnancy is normal and you are both up-to-it, you can have sex up until your delivery date.

Sex is among the top activities that couples enjoy and it shouldn’t be stopped by pregnancy.

However, there are some precautions that I will address in this article, so please read it to the end.

There are many benefits to a healthy regular sex-life even throughout your pregnancy. So if you are comfortable and happy doing it,  go for it.

Plus the added benefit of having a-worry-free-sex about contraceptive,  hey you already pregnant!

Besides the psychological and physical benefits that you can have, there are some research showing that sex could make you have less possibility of giving premature-birth.

In some circumstances, however, your doctor or midwife might ask you to avoid having sex for awhile and even for the rest of your pregnancy.


Just Do What Is Comfortable To You

Unless you have had:

  • Heavy bleeding. Or:
  • Your waters broken. Or:
  • Your doctor or midwife advise you not to have sex.

You’ll be fine just following your body’s calling, just do what feels comfortable and enjoyable during your pregnancy.

Have a look at this short video from NHS.UK it has valuable information:

Can I have sex during my pregnancy?

So, from all what we have said so far, the answer is a positive YES unless you have been told by one of your health-professionals not to.

Would it hurt my baby?

Absolutely not. At a conscious or a subconscious level you might feel that making love will hurt or cause discomfort to your baby, the truth is; you will not, and if your baby moves when you reach an orgasm, that will be caused by your heart beat rather than anything else.Will sex harm my baby?

Your baby will not and has no means of knowing what you are up-to, so stop worrying and really have fun if that’s what you want to do.


Can I Enjoy Sex During Pregnancy?

You need to find out for yourself. Some women enjoy it more, others not so much and some find it quite painful.

The sexual sensation can get heightened because the blood flow will increase to your pelvic area thus engorging your genitals. But you might feel occasionally, as some women have reported that this could sometimes leave you uncomfortable after the intercourse finished.

Some pregnant ladies have found sex to be painful during their pregnancy. This could be the result of doing it in the wrong position for you. More about comfortable positions later,

Some women while pregnant might find that you feel a lot more pleasure form oral sex, foreplay and masturbation.

Some women report that sex including intercourse is a lot more pleasurable than before they got pregnant, others report it is not as good.

After having an orgasm, you might experience some abdominal cramps. This can put you off but all you have to do is wait and it will pass.


Sex-Drive During Pregnancy

Sex-drive during pregnancy

Your sex-drive might change after you become pregnant, it might also stay consistent through out your pregnancy and it might change from one stage of your pregnancy to the next.

Mind over Matter:

Provided your pregnancy is normal and you have NOT been told by a health official to avoid or abstain completely from having sex, then nothing should keep you from having it other than your perceptions and fears. And those can be sometimes completely irrational.

Things like:

  • I am starting to look ugly as I get bigger. It is actually quite funny because I conducted a sort of questioner on partners of pregnant women and they all answered that their pregnant women looked prettier than ever. You are carrying his baby! You are the most beautiful woman in the world!
  • Having sex will harm my baby. It will not! Even if the man leans on your tummy accidentally or otherwise, your baby is well protected inside your womb.
  • I can’t have an orgasm so maybe I shouldn’t do it.  Having difficulty reaching an orgasm can happen quite easy during pregnancy. Make it as romantic as possible, nice ambience with lots of low-lights and nice-smells and very long foreplay would help.
  • I have gone the other way, I can’t have enough! Don’t worry be happy. It happens and it is more common than you think, just enjoy it.
  • I have gone off sex all together! Is this normal?  Well, it is common as well. Think about it!
    • Hormones all over the place.
    • Backache from the extra weight.
    • Increase in your size.
    • Discomfort and awkwardness.
    • Maybe slowing as you grow heavier.
    • Anxieties about the baby and the birth.

No wonder you don’t feel like having sex. A good loving man should completely understand but if you face demands for sex when you really don’t want it, talk openly to him and explain in detail why you don’t want it.


Sex Positions During Pregnancy

It is vitally important when having sex while you are pregnant, to make sure to adapt safe and comfortable positions like the ones I am going to recommend positions during pregnancy

So if you’re used to energetic, wild sex then you really have to take it easy and slow it down. The positions here will take into account for your stomach not to get in the way, so without further ado, here we go:

  • Edge of the bed: you are lying on your back facing up. Your bottom on the edge. He is standing.
  • Side by side lying on your side: your back to him ( spooning ), He is behind you.
  • You on top: this is an ideal position because you are in total control, whether you are facing him (cow-girl) or your back to him (reverse cow-girl), you control the rhythm and the depth of penetration.
  • On the chair: you are on top again in this position, so it is good. Be careful as you get up from this position, keep your balance.
  • Doggy From behind: being on your hands and knees you can support your stomach to keep the weight off it.
  • Standing: leaning on a wall or holding the back of the sofa. He is behind you. This is a good position specially in later months because of the shallow penetration.

Don’t forget lots of extended foreplay, it will make you feel really warm and it will make you glow.

A word of caution: After you reach 20 weeks avoid being flat on your back as this position such as missionary will restrict the blood flow to the placenta.


To Conclude:

Sexual intercourse is one of the top activities couples enjoy together. As the bodies merge into one so does the hearts and souls to give us one of life’s most blissful experiences.


If your pregnancy is normal and you have had no GP or midwife telling you not to have it, and both of you are willing and happy to engage in it, then there is no reason to hold you back all the way up until the waters break. Enjoy!

Every woman is different. Please don’t compare yourself to anybody. But do experiment and find out what is right for you and your man.

If you have any questions or comments about this post, please leave them in the comment box below and I will answer them. Your email is sacred I promise.

Until then, have lots of fun and:

BondLove and laugh a lot!

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