Pregnancy Week By Week

Your Pregnancy Week By Week

Pregnancy week by week

In pregnancy week by week we are going to talk about YOU and the things you should do and things that you shouldn’t do during your pregnancy. So far, we talked about:

Now It’s time to have a look at your baby and follow his/hers growth journey inside of you and the changes your body will undergo to accommodate their growth. For the purposes of this article, we’ll follow the major changes week by week and we’ll go in greater details in other articles.

The Beginning Of An Epic Journey

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Your Pregnancy 0-8 Weeks

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The first day of your last period is where the magical journey begins and your little miracle is on it’s way. After 3 weeks from that day, the egg should be fertilized and slowly making it’s way through the fallopian tube to get to the womb. From this point up to about 8 weeks you might start to spot your early pregnancy symptoms.

Your Pregnancy 9-12 Weeks


Baby’s face gradually taking shape now and the eyes starting to have some colour in them. You are ecstatically happy despite the fact that you might still feel sick and tired, the good news that the end for most of these discomforts could be in sight for many women.

Your Pregnancy 13-16 Weeks

Baby is about 85mm long by now from the top of his head to his bottom. You should start to feel less tired and any sick feeling that you have been having should start to go now.

Your Pregnancy 17-20 Weeks

The baby’s body and head are close to being in proportion. Have you started any exercise yet? If not this could be a good time to start exercise. The rewards outweigh the effort.

Your Pregnancy 21-24 Weeks

This is the stage where your baby will surpass the weight of the placenta, although the placenta will keep growing but at a rate slower than the growth of your baby. From now on your tummy will start to grow bigger faster, and you’ll start to look pregnant. At week 24 babies could survive a premature birth.

Your Pregnancy 25-28 Weeks

During this period your baby might start to become adorably nuisance. He/she will start a routine of their own, waking, sleeping and of course kicking. They might start kicking while you sleep.

Your Pregnancy 29-32 Weeks

Your Pregnancy 33-36 Weeks

Although your little miracle’s bones are starting to harden now his skull will stay soft, just to make it easier to come through when the moment of arrival is happening.

Your Pregnancy 37-40 Weeks

This is the last weeks of pregnancy. At 37 weeks it is considered to be full-term. During this last few weeks your baby’s head will turn down and move into your pelvis to engage ready to come out to meet you. Smile the wait is nearly over.

Your Pregnancy 40+ Weeks

Now we are talking over due. There will be a full advice on what you should expect and what happens.

Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise During Pregnancy

Is exercise while pregnant safe?

In the old days pregnant women were told not to exercise during pregnancy because of fears for mum and baby’s health and well being.exercise during pregnancy

Nowadays, pregnant women are encouraged to have an active pregnancy. I did with both of my girls and I will go through some of the exercise routines I personally did and led to a nicer, more comfortable pregnancy- if there is such a thing as a comfortable pregnancy- and a quicker delivery. Continue reading Exercise During Pregnancy

What Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy:what foods to avoid during pregnancy

This post follows from my last post, Could I Be Pregnant? If you arrived here  without reading it I really recommend that you click Here and read it then come back to this post after that.

With that said let’s get with it. The list of, foods to avoid during pregnancy, is long and I will try and make it as comprehensive as it is possible. Continue reading What Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Ways To Stimulate Your Baby

Let’s have fun and play

There are so many ways to stimulate your baby through play and having lots of fun.

Nowadays, educational toys and games for babies and toddlers are so widely available. They can encourage the stimulation of your baby’s senses and really boost their development.

Play is one brilliant way for your baby to learn a lot of the basic skills whilest having lots of fun and giggles.

Continue reading Ways To Stimulate Your Baby

The Miracle In Your Life