Keeping your baby safe at home

Safe Home = Safe Baby

So how to go about keeping your baby safe at home?

Now that the little bambino/a is mobile, crawling and walking, things are not going to be the same. In  order to keep your baby safe at home, the whole house is going to need to be rearranged to make sure your baby stays safe all the time. Every year approximately 500,000 babies under the age of 4 are injured in the HOME .


Safety at Home:

Before your little angel even starts crawling or just rolling you need to secure the house to become baby proof. The best way to do this is to look at every room and everything in the house that could be unsafe or dangerous. Let us have a look together:

  • The Kitchen:

The first thing you’ll need to secure is the cupboards by fitting specially designed clips that stop the baby from opening the doors, the same also need to be fitted to the drawers.

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The Oven, most ovens nowadays come with double glass doors which means that the outer surface of the door stays cool regardless how hot the oven gets on the inside. However, if your oven is within the baby’s reach and it get hot on the outside you need to make sure that your baby doesn’t go near it.

When cooking on the hub, make sure the saucepan’s handles are always turned inward and out of the baby’s reach even if the baby isn’t anywhere near it.  

 Most serious accidents happen in the kitchen. 30,000 children go to A&E with signs of poisoning occurring from taking domestic cleaning substances.

  • Fire Guards:

Fire-guards are a must. You must fix fire-guards to all your open and gas fires.  You must not leave a baby in any room with a fire on, for any time. Serious accidents only take one second sometimes less. 46% of fatal accidents to babies are caused by fire.

  • Stairgates: 

All stairs must be fitted with baby stairgates. One at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom and must be made to a high standard. You will be surprised how many injuries occur every year as a result of a baby falling down a staircase. 35,000 children under the age of 4 fall down the stairs every year.

  • The Lounge/Living room:
  1. Remove all objects that might cause danger for the baby and put it at a safe distance. Accidents could happen as a result of the baby dropping something on their toes or smashing something and then walking over it or attempting to eat it.
  2. Plastic bags are the biggest NO NO, they must not be left anywhere near your baby or within their reach. Despite the fact that plastic bags have a choking hazard warning, accidents still happen with babies and plastic bags!
  3. Keep it tidy when baby is playing and practising his/her walking. 3000 accidents still happen every year as a result of tripping over things left lying around such as toys. If you get busy the best place for your baby is the Playpen.

  • The Bathroom: 

Having a bath

Bath time = Fun time, and that’s how it should always be. Babies love water and they can have an unbelievable amount of fun just splashing. Let us keep it this way, and have an enormous amount of fun with them.

Bathrooms really need extra extra safety and never underestimate the danger of water,  because a baby can drown, God forbid, in 3cm of water! yes, that is dangerous.

  1. Always use an age appropriate baby-bath.
  2. DO NOT leave your baby in the bath alone, not even to go and grab their towel quickly.
  3. Do not let your baby stand or attempt to walk on wet floor or with wet feet, always make sure they are dried really well and standing or walking on dry floor.
  4. Do not let them in the shower alone.
  5. Do not have anything placed where they can reach it. Shampoos, soaps etc..
  6. Do have lots and lots of fun, cuddles and kisses.

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General Safety Tips:

  • Always make sure the little feet’s way, is clear of obstacles and there is no dangerous steps or floor-thresholds sticking out.
  • Always make sure your little miracle cannot get near boiling kettles, hot-water taps, any appliances while they are on, such as toasters or any hot surfaces.
  • Always far far away from open windows or balconies.
  • Never leave your baby unsupervised unless they are in a playpen and not for a long time.
  • Always keep medicines, matches and lighters completely out of your baby’s reach and sight.
  • Always take any choking hazard warning on baby products seriously and adhere to safety instructions.
  • Never leave any sharp objects such as knives or any pointy objects such as pens and pencils lying where your baby could reach them.
  • All electric sockets must be covered with baby-proof socket covers. They are cheap but very effective.

  • Must fit baby-nursery with a high quality  smoke alarm. And must test regularly to make sure it’s working.

This list is by no means comprehensive. I am sure there are many more, please help all other mothers by writing any other safety tips in a comment in the box below.

8 thoughts on “Keeping your baby safe at home”

  1. I will definitely warn my aunt about Fire-guards. I doubt they have ever think of that about protecting my little cousin. Thanks for informative writing.

  2. Hi Rima! I lovely this website! I think it has loads of very good tips for mums and for the development of their babies! Well done!!! I am sure all the mums will love this website! X

  3. This is so important and we ought to all that we can to ensure that our babies are safe because babies are very active and is always moving about and trying to find out all that they can. And as you said and it is so sad how many babies every year are hurt so we should do our part in insuring that they are safe by putting the right plan in place to make sure that they are safe at all times.

  4. Totally echo the point about not leaving your baby in the tub unattended. I’ve read so many incidents on the papers involving new moms as well as nursery centers and it was devastating. It is probably the most common accidents around the world.

    This situation can totally be avoided if the adults weren’t so careless about the safety of their babies.

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Thank you for your comment. You’re absolutely right, it is totally avoidable. It is never safe to leave a baby in the bath, not even for a moment because that moment could mean a lifetime of regret.

      Have a lovely day.


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