how to make a baby laugh

How to Make a Baby Laugh?

Dad Makes Baby Laugh:

Dad makes baby laugh

I just couldn’t wait for my baby girl to laugh and I bet you can’t too. Babies as it happened they love to laugh and giggle, if it is something new to them then they would love to experiment and indulge in it. Making funny exciting noises, pulling funny faces and monkeying around will get them going.

One of the major added benefits of making your baby laugh is that you can use it as a distraction to get something that they don’t like done. One example of that comes to mind and I used it very successfully with both of my daughters is, I used to use peekaboo when I was dressing them as a top or dress went over their heads which they really hated me doing before we made it into a game.

So, turning something into a game, tickling and singing funny songs (you can create your own silly  nonsensical songs) and laugh a lot with your little miracle.

Things That Make Babies Laugh

Things that make babies laugh
Things that make babies laugh

Things that will make your baby laugh and giggle to their heart’s content don’t need to be complicated, in fact they can be very simple.

Here you’ll find a few ideas but these things are really only limited by your own imagination:

  • Your baby as young as 6-9 months will recognize what is amiss. So pulling a funny face while you are wearing a colander on your head will make them think you are hilarious.
  • Make silly sounds and noises as you continue to pull more funny faces.
  • Laugh yourself as well.
  • Tickle your baby but don’t over do it, too much tickling can be annoying.
  • If your baby started to crawl or walk get down on all four and chase after them laughing and growling they will find this extremely funny and thrilling.
  • Kisses and hugs, you never have enough of those right! Being tactile with your baby it’s  not only lots of fun but it can be essential to their mental and psychological development.
  • Singing and dancing, the possibilities are limitless to the amount of laughter and fun you can have with your beautiful baby whilst singing and dancing to all the funny songs out there.

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