Happy Babies

Happy baby equals an ecstatically happy mum.

You can tell immediately when your little miracle is unhappy, it’s simple, he or she starts to cry. But can you tell when they’re happy? Don’t worry if you can’t, you’re not alone,  many mothers can’t tell because a baby’s happiness is not easy to detect in the early days.


You can coo, you can smile and you can do as many cheeky-monkey faces as you like, more than a stare you are not going to get, frustrating isn’t it! So, is your baby happy or not?

Research shows and my Grandmother agrees, that up to the first month of his/her life, if your baby is NOT crying, chances are they are happy. Because at this age, babies cannot express happiness by physical means such as smiling.

It is enough for them to see your smiling face and hear your soothing noises to give them comfort and lull them into blissful happiness.


Up to 3 months

At this age babies are generally happy when their basic physical needs are met:

feed them when the are hungry, change their nappy, attend to them when they cry and lull them into a sweet sleep. The fastest way to turn them into Grumpies is not to meet any of these needs.


The Big Smile!

Something always cheered me up and it still does, is when my mother always maintains that I was the earliest smiling baby of hers, “you smiled at 4 weeks,” she’ld say “much sooner than all of your brothers and sisters!”

So, around the 4 weeks old, start waiting for this wonderful miracle to happen and I mean the big beautiful smile as a direct interaction with you and not the small ones that usually happen as a result of a physical comfort like passing-wind.

Ready to go! peekaboo!

Now we can all stand and cheer:

“Let the fun begin..!”

Babies start to respond visibly to interactions at different ages. It really does depend on each individual baby as to when they start to do something. Nothing is set in stone, and there is nothing to worry about if they don’t start at the time we expect them to.

I will go through most milestones in the life of our babies and when to start expecting them.

The Peekaboo stage! ( or at least that’s what I call it.) This is the stage where your baby starts to really be thrilled by the deliberate surprise. Hiding from them and just surprising them and tickling is a lot of fun.


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