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On this page you will find my opinions. From my personal experience with some products and or from other people’s experience. My highest concern when looking at a product, will be the quality and the standards that it is made up to.

I totally believe that you only GET what you pay for in this life. So, and to be totally honest the price will be second. I will of course look for value, special offers and sales as long as the quality is not compromised. So, if you are ready, let’s GO!


And with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, you just can’t go wrong. Can you?


  • Moses Basket:

This beautiful wooden soft grey comfortable first baby bed is not just stylish and will look good in any bedroom but is made to high standard and reasonably priced.


  • A lovely cot and a supportive mattress:

This cot is nice, spacious and comes with its own mattress. What’s more it converts into a beautiful junior’s bed which makes it very convenient and saves a bunch of money.

#1 Best Seller

This cot is cleverly designed with babies and parents in mind. It adjusts to three different heights. The highest for your newborn baby and then the middle as the baby starts to move around and the lowest for when your baby starts to pull himself up and stand.

Once your baby starts to stand and walk they become rather heavy to lift, so with this cot you can detach 3 bars allowing your baby to get in and out with a little assistance from you. Clever!

As I mentioned above, this cot comes with a water repellent mattress, hypo-allergenic super comfort fibre mattress, polyurethane foam, thermal – loftex fleece, dimensions 120cm x 60cm:

The best thing until last, this cot converts to a junior bed, not only convenient, but it saves on buying a toddler bed,

And when they are ready for a proper bed, it will not take you long to convert it:


  • High-Chair:

For all the messy times, a good high-chair makes life so much easier. Nowadays, high-chairs are so different from one another and they have so many different designs. I have been looking for one that will tick more than just one box and here it is:

The Kids Kargo

It is a High-Chair:

It’s a Low-Chair:

And it is a recliner:

So your baby will be able to sit-up, lie-back or have a much deserved snooze, eating is quite a tiring exercise you know Mummy! multi-heights, multi seating positions:

  •  NEW High Low chair Black Licorice Twist
  • Multi height options and seating positions
  • Leatherette fabric durable and easy wipe clean and Padded comfy seat unit
  • Suitability 6 months toddler – approx 3 years
  • Removable tray with cup mould



  • Bath Time:

Lots and lots of fun.  An age appropriate bath makes it easier to handle your playful slippery baby.

The Okbaby Bath

Is a two in one bath, 0-6 months then 6-12 months. With non-slip rubber seats in both:

It supports your baby in three places, under the armpits and in the middle, making it so much easier to have fun while washing your baby. This evolutionary baby bath tub accompanied with some natural baby washing products makes a perfect sense.


Rima Ramahi

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