Babies Essentials

Baby Essentials Checklist

A baby essentials checklist is an absolute MUST when you’re expecting your little bundle of joy as it can be really difficult to ascertain exactly what you might need. Here I’ll lend you a helping hand not just with what you need but also where to find it.

Although I will go all the way to an exaustive, comprehensive list, there bound to be something that you really want that I’ve missed. If that is the case please be kind to let me know with a comment down below.

Baby’s First Ride Home

Nowadays, newborn babies are not allowed to leave the hospital without an age appropriate car seat. So a 0-1 year old car seat will be ideal for that amazing first ride home.

Little Star sleeping quarters

To start with, the little star, will sleep in your bedroom for the first six months, so a moses basket will be their first bed. Izziwotnot Rocking Moses Basket Stand, Soft Grey

Going into the nursery a lovely cot and a supportive mattress.

A changing unit so when high command needs attendance everything will be to hand.

A High-Chair

For the messy times ahead, maybe not in the early months, but having one ready for your baby to jump into when they are ready to spread the food everywhere accept their mouths, IS essential.

Bath time = Fun time                                                                                                                      

A  baby bath is essential as babies get very slippery and a bathing box which will have all the Natural  baby shampoos, Natural baby  soaps, Natural baby creams and baby powders and don’t forget the Ducks.

Venturing Out

Convert-able buggies, prams and pushchairs are so versatile nowadays they can carry the baby seat convert into lying flat prams and return to being pushchair it’s a matter of choosing the right one for you.

baby carrier or baby sling

Carrying your baby around like this it doesn’t just free your hands, where you can do more, it can also be giving you some exercise, hey! I love hitting two birds with one slingshot. Don’t worry no birds were hurt during the production of this article.

Breast is Best

You’re going to need a collection of pumps there are several available:

1- Manual pump, ideal for regular use.

2- Single pump, electric and fast.

3- Double pump, speedy and effective pumping.

You don’t have to get all of them but they do come very handy, believe me.

I am not a fan of breast feeding in public but if you are, you can buy cover ups for privacy.

Breast feeding accessories such as nipple cream and nipple shields. If you are going to use formula milk as well you’ll need bottles, steriliser and a powder milk carrier amazingly handy because it carries three fully measured separate feedings.

Don’t forget the clothes and the nappies!!

You can buy all these items and more here.

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