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Baby 3 months
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Newborn baby care is not easy and is very demanding but the rewards are great. In fact they are so great you hardly ever feel how tiered you are until they are asleep and you have a chance to sit down and unwind for a while. That’s why getting them into a routine is so important.

Getting your baby into a set routine is important for both of you. You can organize, schedule and structure your time around his/her routine so you can get a lot more done. Your baby, starts to take a lot of comfort knowing what to expect. It really is a win win situation.

To get your baby into a nice and easy routine will not be difficult if you follow the three golden rules:

  • Be consistent.
  • Speak in a low comforting voice.
  • Stay relaxed all the time when getting baby into routine. I know this is easier said than done but, If you get tense, your baby will feel it and become tense too.

There are two things that you really need to get under control as much as possible:

And they’re not the easiest to control, so don’t go beating yourself up every time things don’t go according to plan.



  1. On Demand: to start with, you’re going to feed your baby as and when they want it, because newborns do not really recognise times of day or night. Set an area specifically for feeding, have everything that you might need for your comfort ready to hand, and enjoy developing the nicest bond with your little Angel.
  2.  Read The Signs: watch your baby closely, try to figure out when they are hungry and when they are full. Watch for, sucking their hand or fingers, smacking lips and looking toward you. Look for patterns, weather they like to feed straight after sleep or a poo etc..
  3. Time To Try: at around four weeks old, you probably have falling into a natural routine. Just the mere fact that you know now, when your baby is hungry and when he/she is full, gives you an insight into when to expect to feed them.  
  4. Sleeping Whilst Feeding: it is perfectly natural for all babies to fall asleep while feeding. This, however, interferes with the routine that you’re trying to establish, so you really should distract him/her from falling asleep, this can be done by playing, singing or whatever you can do.  
  5. Feeding Schedule: by incorporating other activities at set times through the day like, sleeping, going out and shopping, you really take charge, and give your baby a lot of comfort knowing what to expect. Now, you can set your feeding times. Happy feeding.

Sleeping and Napping:-

  1. On Demand: Let your baby sleep as long and as often as they want for the first two months. You will notice frequent, two to three hour bouts of sleep, interrupted by the need for your baby to wake up to feed.
  2. Night or Day:- any time between 4-8 weeks, your baby will start to recognize night from day. At about 3 months old will start sleeping at night double the time they sleep in the day.
  3. Sleeping Schedule:- as with feeding, everything now should be getting there. So, consistency and remaining in control is key at this stage. Structure the day around their routine. The odd occasion where it is not possible to keep to it, will be fine, just get back into it as soon as you can. Good luck.

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